Knights of Pythias ~ Lanana #106

The Nacogdoches Animal Shelter seized approximate 138 animals in a puppy mill Including several rats, two rabbits six cats and 118 dogs of several breeds (dachshunds, poodles, catahoulas, rottwilers, and pit bulls).

photo of Pythian Lodge #106 donation to Nacogdoches animal services.
Robert Paty Knights of Pythias Lodge #106
Jamie Shelton, Director Nacogdoches Animal Control
Julie Jones officer Nacogdoches Animal Control

As the county does not have trained staff or resources in animal control it fell to the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter and staff to seize the animals move them to the Nacogdoches Expo center and supervise the care and feeding of the animals while final disposition of the animals was disputed in court.

The Knights of Pythias Lanana lodge Which has been active in Nacogdoches since it's charter in 1890 voted to make a donation to the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter toward the feeding and care of the animals seized at Kingtown.